Hi, I'm Li
A software developer in NYC

Armed with an engineering degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a passion for data and analytics. I have experience working with a plethora of web technologies including React and Rails. Check out my portfolio and please let me know if you have an idea we can tackle together!

Featured projects


Clone of a popular social network. Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL + JavaScript + React.js + Redux.

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A Voronoi Diagram generator that creates abstract mosaics using user-uploaded photos. D3.js and jQuery.

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A demonstration of a depth-first maze generating algorithm created using HTML5 Canvas and jQuery.

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When I'm not coding...

I advise I maintain a website for newbies in tech, stressing strong CS fundamentals and encouraging personal projects. I regularly publish articles with advice I wish I had when I began my journey.

I write I'm an editor for a young professionals publication. In my favorite article I worked on, we interviewed the CTO of NASA's Johnson Space Center!

I explore I learn new and interesting topics by taking MOOC's on Coursera or KhanAcademy. The last class I finished was UCSD's Algorithmic Toolbox.

My tech stack